Re: GNOME list admin/moderation seperation

Ross Golder <ross golder org> writes:

> OK, after reading this back to myself for a bit, I realised that this is
> a s**t idea. What I should've said was...
> I think we could do with some kind of 'moderator team' - a handful of
> people with no real technical skills, but a willingness to contribute a
> few minutes a day to keeping *all* the GNOME list moderator queues in
> check. They would just need to subscribe to 'gnome-listmoderator', and
> deal with all the moderator requests as they see fit. The owner for all
> of the lists would remain unchanged, but 'gnome-listmoderator' would be
> listed as the moderator address for all the lists.
> This takes the pressure off list owners to moderate their list (they're
> usually also the project maintainer/active developer, so are often
> distracted with other responsibilities anyway). Also, it will take the
> noise away from 'gnome-listadmin'.
> Any particular feelings or thoughts about this idea? Should I re-propose
> this in an e-mail to *-list-owner gnome org?

This sounds awesome.  I effectively did this for a couple years, but
don't have time anymore.  It's not too bad when you know the root
mailman password -- and a bigger pain when you don't.


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