Re: Bonsai

Murray Cumming wrote:

Of course, the above only lets you work with a single file -- it won't
tell you what other files were included in the same commit (which the
query db would allow).  With the query results page, you could click on
the link in the "+/-" (lines changed) column to display diffs.

Is this query thing something that you intend to write from scratch, or
something that exists already? I am slightly concerned about the wisdom of
writing something new instead of using something that works already

I have confidence that anything you write will be of high quality, and
probably better, but it seems like it could make maintenance more
This is code that exists in ViewCVS right now. The query database code in ViewCVS has existed for a number of years now.

The only work I've done on it was some modifications to make the front end integrate better with the rest of ViewCVS (you get a "query revision history" link at the top of directory views) and added a few links to the results page that were available in Bonsai but not in ViewCVS. These changes have been merged upstream, so I'm not suggesting that we use a brand new Gnome specific revision history query system that we'd need to maintain.


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