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Arun Raghavan wrote:

<nods head vigorously>

Easy dear. Now, have you successfully and emphatically defended your procrastination in front of a panel of eminently uninteresting folks ? ;) aka, are you ready to join in this fun foss in08 agenda ?

If we're talking about getting people contributing, I think we need a
set of minimum requirements. Not in the don't-come-if-you-don't-know
way. More like read-these-nice-easy-tutorials-before-you-come-so-we-can-really-get-to-the-next-level
way. Yes, yes, hyphenation embargo for me.

Good catch. So, that generally means:

+ we need to list out what can be demonstrated / talked about
+ we need to hunt around and keystroke in a list of preliminary reading
+ we need names to put to the potential demo-monkeys

Come on now. Don't be shy. Introduce your pals to the wondrous world of GNOME *right now*.

The idea being that if, over the next month or two, we can define what
we expect from the aud^Wparticipants, then we can provide the means
(and time) by which interested people can prepare themselves,
potentially with our help (ML/IRC/meets), and *then* we can talk about
doing something more during the WhateverItIsCalled Day.

Hope there is a morsel of coherence in there,

More than mere morsels. A thing I wish to see each time there is a GNOME event but don't get is performance-related debugging of GNOME - do you know anyone who can start taking IRC sessions leading up to a bling filled talk ?


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