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Johnny Jacob wrote:
On Thu, 2008-06-26 at 10:55 +0530, Nirbheek Chauhan wrote:

Talks, BoFs, viral advertisement, on-the-spot quizzes (with goodies as
prizes), running around amok in GNOME Tees, what else? ;P
Thank you. Didn't expect a response this fast.
Hah! Today's classes got cancelled =)

Do we start off with
potential topics and audience etc ?

I was thinking of a quick intro to 'Writing a plugin for GNOME /
Evolution - Howto' in the gnome project day ..
too specific ? :D

That would be a start I suppose. A thought I had was about flyers
which highlight the latest GNOME technologies in the past year or so,
and the people (and companies -- might lead to sponsors ;) behind
them. For instance, gvfs, gdm-rewrite, seahorse, NetworkManager,
PackageKit, Clutter, Cheese (irrelevant in low-bandwidth India?),
Firefox 3's GNOME integration etc. We could also highlight the GNOME
SoC projects, a lot of them are very interesting :) We could then also
conduct quizzes about these things with goodies as prizes.

This is becoming a bit hard to in-line. I'll collate the discussion till now and push out a text file of some sort.

So, here's what was nagging at me. Last year at Project Days it was more of a "here's what GNOME is, and here are all the cool bling". In short, it was more of awareness and becoming friendly with GNOME-ies and the community.

I have the feeling that if we repeat this act, it would be a failure. This year, it ought to be upping the ante. We have much time before coming into light and with properly built up expectations (read: blog more) we can anticipate more of "let's fix this issue, let's learn how to work on that issue" kind of audience.

We require them.

Let's work on making that audience walk through the doors of the Project Day and have for them a specific set of responses if they ask "Ok, I signed up to attend the GNOME day, so what's next for me"

And Sayamindu - where are you ? :)

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