String freeze break for gnome-software for 41.0

Hi all,

Can we have a string freeze break for gnome-software to add four new
strings to improve the user experience for non-sandboxed apps (i.e. all
RPMs and DEBs). Without this change, non-sandboxed apps will be
presented as ‘Potentially Unsafe’ with ‘unknown permissions’ which is
not particularly helpful to users for working out what to trust, or
why. On distributions which don’t have flatpak/snap set up, this will
be all apps in gnome-software.

None of the existing strings are appropriate. The new strings are quite

Packaged by your distribution
Packaged by a third party
Check that you trust the vendor, as the application isn’t sandboxed
Application isn’t sandboxed but the distribution has checked that it is
not malicious

The exact wording of these may change before the merge request is
approved; it’s currently undergoing review.

Accompanying issue:


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