Re: Questions about how to start a new language in GNOME

On Thu, 2021-09-16 at 00:25 +0000, Amos Batto via gnome-i18n wrote:
My third question is whether there is any way to make the "ay" locale default to a language other than English if there is no available translation. Very few Aymara speakers know English, but almost all of them know Spanish, so I would like Spanish to be displayed if an Aymara translation isn't available. Is this possible?

Hello, I am just going to answer the above question:

You can choose as many languages as you please in the Cinnamon user environment and you could setup your defaults in your newly made distro.
Take a look here:

For starters you need to get to the Language settings and drag and drop your language from the grey area to the black area. So you will have: Aymara and Spanish with black, everything else with grey.

Hope this helps,


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