Re: libadwaita showing as if there were no translatable strings

Great! :-)

maybe you need to be logged into DL or be a team coordinator, but I don't know, sorry


El mar, 17 ago 2021 a las 12:59, Philipp Kiemle (<philipp kiemle gmail com>) escribió:
Yes, it is indeed fixed now. Thanks!
Out of curiosity, I don't see the button you mentioned... Is this something I'd need special rights for?

Am Di., 17. Aug. 2021 um 12:51 Uhr schrieb Daniel Mustieles García <daniel mustieles gmail com>:
Hi Philipp,

It should be fixed now... at least now I see stats ok.

I've just forced the update of the module's branch, using the buttow with two arrows in [1].

Hope this helps


El mar, 17 ago 2021 a las 12:15, Philipp Kiemle via gnome-i18n (<gnome-i18n gnome org>) escribió:
Hello all,
In DL, the libadwaita package seems to have no translatable strings at all [1]. However, when clicking on the Download button, it downloads a po file that contains already translated strings.

At libadwaita's module page [2], I can see that other languages haven't got this problem - their translation status is displayed correctly. Also, their po files claim to be a "translation for libhandy" (line 1 in the po file), which was a former name of libadwaita, if I'm not mistaken.
Only the German translation says "German translation for libadwaita" - is this the cause?

Is this the right place to report this issue? I am happy to open an issue in libadwaita's Gitlab repo, if it is necessary.
If not, kindly direct me to the correct place. Thanks!
Philipp Kiemle

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