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I am answering here to give a closure for this matter.
I should start by thanking everyone who took the time to read my message and who spent more time answering me!

I have been contacted by Claude Paroz, he handled the situation professionally, just trying to help and giving me directions.

My last take is instead of getting everyone involved in such a thing, probably there should be a dedicated mailing list to handle similar administrative issues.


On Sun, Aug 1, 2021, 19:28 دانیال بهزادی via gnome-i18n <gnome-i18n gnome org> wrote:
I see what happened here and I can relate to it. But you should always keep in mind that free software is written for the personal usage of the author. If anyone else want to use it, it's there. But as you can read in the disclaimer, there is absolutely NO guarantee.
Free software authors, do code mainly for themselves and might not be interested in adoption by any organization or company as there are lots of downsides with these types of adoptions or even sponsorships.
The good part though is you're free to fork it always. You can run a custom fork of projects until it merges into upstream (if it ever merges) and keep the organization happy.

Danial Behzadi

در 27 ژوئیهٔ 2021 3:39:18 (UTC)، Zander Brown <zbrown gnome org> نوشت:
On Mon, 2021-07-26 at 13:19 +0300, Нарт Лӏыша via gnome-i18n wrote:
Here my feedback in the following points:
1. From a newcomers perspective, these are not positive signs that would make
me feel welcomed! It's off putting!

It's certainly not ideal, though adding a new language isn't generally a
newcomer-y thing and requires specific people to help. Generally if you were
having problems working with gettext or general d-l issues more of us could

2. Giving answers such as "people on vacation", is not satisfactory!

We're a small group of volunteers…

Imagine in a situation where I work in an organisation, trying to adopt open
source and free software, and my boss is waiting for results then I give
her/him such excuse!

I'm not sure it's an excuse - Especially with GUADEC this last week (as well as
recent weather issues) it's perfectly possible the relevant people are

Generally we keep this mailing list fairly quiet so when someone can't help,
even if they've seen the message, they often won't reply

The first impression she/he would get is: "this is not a serious project that
we would want to invest our time and resources in!"
3. I think Public Relations is a vitale part in any project, I understand
that people have different characters and attitudes, and that is why there
should be a special team that handles this stuff.

I'm not sure a PR department would have helped here

4. Being a volunteer doesn't give you the card planche to be rude to people,

I assume there is missing context here (also: card planche? I assume you mean
carte blanche but it doesn't quite fit?)

and you shouldn't give yourself any excuse to be impolite! The attitude
should always be to de-escalate

Well ideally nothing escalates in the first place of course

5. Think of open source and free software as if you are running a business,
and behave accordingly.

So how much are you, as a customer of our business, intending to pay? :-)

Thank you for Reading this message.

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