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Il giorno ven 9 ott 2020 alle 16:07, Thibault Martin <mail thibaultmart in> ha scritto:
Hello translators,

We do translate applications interfaces and documentation, but we do not translate their appdata. Given there are longer-term plans to build-up a flatpak-based kind of app store, should we not translate appdata as well (as in: application description, screenshot captions, maybe even screenshots themselves)?

Do we have everything we need infrastructure-wise to do it? Is this something we intend to do at some point? And if yes, what do we need to move ahead?

Last year we had a discussion on this topic here:

The conclusion was: "Translating release notes as part of the UI translations is too much a burden for GNOME translators for a small benefit. It may not be the last word on the subject, but that could be discussed on the gnome-i18n list first."

I think the burden might be mitigated with some good practices:

1. App authors should write concise release notes.
2. Limit the release extraction to the latest x (2?) releases. How? Move the old release notes to the NEWS file and then regenerate the appdata file specifying how many release notes should be copied. Both appstreamcli and appstream-util have this feature IIRC. (BTW, Nice blog post by appstreamcli author:

GNOME apps have 2 releases per year. Each release may contain say 5 to 15 strings (?). See for example:

10 to 30 short strings per app per year shouldn't be too cumbersome for translators.
What do you think?

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