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Hello Matthias,
I have added Dutch (nl) to po/LINGUAS and downloaded the po file. I will have a look at it.
Gnome Dutch Translators

Op 08-12-16 om 16:07 schreef Matthias Clasen:

I want to bring this new app to your attention: it is is called GNOME
recipes, and lives here: did a
proof-of-concept German translation, just to make sure that the basic
translation infrastructure works.

There are a few challenges for translation here, that I want to discuss.

- The application uses a fair amount of domain-specific language: it
talks about cuisines, meals, diets, integredients, and cooking units
of measure... but you can probably deal with that.

- While recipes that users enter themselves are clearly user data and
will only be available in the language that the user entered them in,
we also plan to ship a decent set of pre-installed recipes, so that
the app is useful out of the box and doesn't come up empty. Those
recipes are arguably application data, and should ideally be

- The app also has an ingredient list and allows to search by
ingredients, as well as by other criteria. In those places,
ingredients should clearly be translated, and we need to be able to
map from the translated ingredient names to the language in which they
appear in the recipes (which may be different from recipe to recipe,
depending on whether the recipe is from the preinstalled set, or
entered by the user...)

- When scaling ingredients (e.g double a recipe), we need to be able
to change translated ingredients and units from singular to plural
forms. My current approach is to provide separate translations for
singular and plural, but I guess this way of doing this will never be
entirely ngettext-ly correct.

- As a little extra complication, the ingredients list is
alphabetically sorted, with a sidebar for jumping to sections by
letter. I've made the alphabet that is used for the sidebar
translatable, so you can add umlauts and whatever other characters
might be relevant for your language.

Alexandre Franke suggested to keep translations for ingredients in a
separate domain. Do you think that would be helpful ?

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts and experience while trying to
translate this app!

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