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How it looks ('ugly') is entirely determined by the font though. It
sounds like you are trying to work around a font problem with a
system-wide string change. I don't think that is the best strategy.

Well, it's not a strategy. It's like people placing cactus next to
computers to absorb 'radiation' -- they simply believe in that.

Yes, it is a workaround, while not due to font itself only, and is
also some caused by font config and toolkit etc.

Please, open up a web browser in Fedora/OpenSuSE/Archlinux/Ubuntu, and
display the following HTML segment:

<html><head><meta charset="UTF-8"><title>GB/T 15834 4.11</title></head>
<!-- Using 'Sans Serif' forces to that fontconfig magic name -->
<!-- Excerpt from, GB/T 15834:2011 General Rules for
punctuation -->
<body style="font-family: 'Sans Serif',sans-serif !important;">
<h1>4.11 省略号</h1>
<h2>4.11.3 基本用法</h2><ul>

You can replace those `…' with `...', and then have a screenshot, and
post it to some imagebin so people know how ‘beautiful’ your workarounds
are. Please, use things that are as new as GNOME 3.

And still my old point -- this is not the problem **you** should try to
solve or (over-)work around. I know you tried to go good (everyone tries
to), so did medieval doctors. The knowledge you have on the platform you
use is just too old.

Well, I think I should use another analog here, since at least it worked
in the old dark ages, it's just useless now. Uh, say, avoiding pigs kept
Muslims from a major source of Swine influenza but now people have
better cures. (Well, this is still not a nice analog, since avoiding
pigs always worked, and your method actually worsens things on newer fonts…)

I think this should be solved
at the font level, by ensuring that a suitable ellipsis glyph is used
with Chinese.

Uh, please be aware that in English people also use `...' as some poor
man's ellipses, and no western fonts do similar things.

I don't think replace characters will be a problem, in fact
`translation' is just replace characters ;)

I don't think my terrible essay writing skills will be a problem, in
fact speaking and writing is just generating a linear expression of your
in-brain thoughts and all is well as long as people can get what you are
talking about.

I don't think my terrible courtesy will be a pro^C

Program killed by SIGINT.


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