Re: String additions to 'gnome-shell.gnome-3-0'

2013/9/29 Kenneth Nielsen <k nielsen81 gmail com>:
Can anyone explain what the meaning of "calendar:MY" is and how it should be
translated. Literally "kalendar:MIN" in Danish, but I fear some secret
syntax is at play here.

There is an identical string in gtk+, plus this comment:

#. Translate to calendar:YM if you want years to be displayed
#. * before months; otherwise translate to calendar:MY.
#. * Do *not* translate it to anything else, if it
#. * it isn't calendar:YM or calendar:MY it will not work.
#. *
#. * Note that the ordering described here is logical order, which is
#. * further influenced by BIDI ordering. Thus, if you have a default
#. * text direction of RTL and specify "calendar:YM", then the year
#. * will appear to the right of the month.

It might be worth filing a bug report to add a similar comment to gnome-shell.

Piotr Drąg

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