Re: Tajik Translation Team

On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 7:44 AM, Roger Kovacs <rkovacs khujand org> wrote:
> I have been the coordinator for the Tajik translation team which has been
> inactive for years.  There is now a renewed interest in the translation
> project.  I would like to recommend that the Gnome community welcome and
> consider Victor Ibragimov as their new Tajik language coordinator.  He has
> approximately 10 years of experience working translations of many projects
> and will make an excellent coordinator, understanding the tools, processes
> and quality control required to do a good job.
> Please welcome him to the team.
> Thank You!
> Roger Kovacs
> Retiring Gnome Tajik Language Coordinator


Thanks for your work, and a special thanks for taking responsibility
for the transition process to a new maintainer.


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