Re: [ #13223] Account for new Coordinators (Brazilian Portuguese Translation Team)

2013/1/18 Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net>:
> Le vendredi 18 janvier 2013 à 13:26 -0200, Enrico Nicoletto a écrit :
>> Good afternoon.
>> As Claude reccomended me to send an e-mail to this list, I´m writing
>> to announce that the Gnome´s Brazilian Portuguese Tranlslation Team
>> will be coordinated by two (yes, two) persons: Enrico Nicoletto and
>> Rafael Ferreira.
>> The previous coordinator, Mr Djavan Fagundes, has left the
>> Coordination due to his labor commitments.
>> So, please, someone could change the Coordinator name in Damned Lies,
>> in order to be shown the two coordinators ?
> Hi Enrico,
> We'll gladly make the change as soon as Djavan confirms the change (or
> if he doesn't respond in a reasonable time frame).

Hi Claude,

Enrico and Rafael are now the coordinators for Brazilian Portuguese
Translation Team.

Apologize-me, I had no time to inform you these changes.

Thank you

Djavan Fagundes

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