[gnome.org #13223] Account for new Coordinators (Brazilian Portuguese Translation Team)

Good afternoon.

As Claude reccomended me to send an e-mail to this list, I´m writing to announce that the Gnome´s Brazilian Portuguese Tranlslation Team will be coordinated by two (yes, two) persons: Enrico Nicoletto and Rafael Ferreira.

The previous coordinator, Mr Djavan Fagundes, has left the Coordination due to his labor commitments.

So, please, someone could change the Coordinator name in Damned Lies, in order to be shown the two coordinators ?

Thanks for your time,
Enrico Nicoletto.

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Assunto: Re: [gnome.org #13223] Account for new Coordinators (Brazilian Portuguese Translation Team)
Data: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 16:14:02 +0100
De: Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net>
Para: accounts gnome org
CC: liverig gmail com

Le vendredi 18 janvier 2013 à 14:56 +0000, Andrea Veri via RT a écrit :
> On Thu Jan 17 16:42:45 2013, liverig gmail com wrote:
> > Andrea, could you change the Damned Lie coordinator status for the 
> > currenty coordinators:
> > Enrico Nicoletto and Rafael Ferreira ?
> > 
> > As described by Djavan, the previous pt_BR coordinator, I and Rafael 
> F. 
> > are actually coordinating the Brazilian Portuguese translation team.
> Claude should be able to do that, I've CCed this e-mail to him.

This has to pass through the gnome-i18n mailing list. Thanks.


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