Re: More on xml errors in documentation

2013-04-04 16:31 keltezéssel, Ask Hjorth Larsen írta:
I would like to know how useful this kind of report is.  It complains,
aside from the usual syntax errors, about tags it cannot find in the
corresponding msgid.  This will lead to false positives in cases where
the translator chooses to add, say, <app>...</app> to a programme name
when the msgid didn't.  I will appreciate any feedback ("this is
ridiculous, everything was totally okay" or otherwise).

For me, it is useful - these indeed show some real bugs, like using gui
tag instead of app. However, there are some really harmless false
positives reported like adding extra tags where there was none in the
original - we should have this much freedom.

I think these kinds of warnings are useful, until it is not compulsory
to fix all of them :).

Regards and thanks for the feature
Gabor Kelemen

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