Re: More on xml errors in documentation

2013/4/6 Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng gnome hu>

I think these kinds of warnings are useful, until it is not compulsory
to fix all of them :).

Why not? I'm not sure about it. If Documentation team adds some tags to the original strings, translators should keep those strings. Also, having freedom to add our own tags to translated string may break the building process so fixing those errors should be fixed.

I don't know how Mallard documents work, and how translators have to deal with tags (I mean: should we add or remove tags when translating strings? Shouldn't it be done by the Documentation team?) I think translators shouldn't change the format adding or removing tags (althouhg it doesn't break the compilation), but having some comments from docs team would be really useful.


Regards and thanks for the feature
Gabor Kelemen

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