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Op Do, 2012-05-24 om 11:11 +0200 skryf Claude Paroz:
> Hi,
> Thanks to the work done by Vinicius Depizzol on a plugin to make
> wordpress content translatable, we should now be able to translate the
> Web site.
> I will let Vinicius tell us the details about how it will work or how
> often the translations will be updated.

This is wonderful news. Thanks Claude and Vinicius!

I had a very brief look at the files, and wow! what a lot of work!

I'm interested in looking at how to reduce this to a smaller subset that
covers the most important pages (let's say the front page and everything
one or two clicks away), and to make it easier to know where a string
comes from.

I have a few questions:

 - Is there a way to get more information into the #: lines? At the
moment everything is extracted from one of two files. Is it maybe
possible to get something in there that resembles the URL where the
string might appear? (*hoping*)

 - What does (terms/term) mean at the end of some of these lines? Some
of them look like HTML id attributes or similar (like "globalnav" for

 - With regards to the placeholders like <_:a-1/>  I guess it is a valid
XML tag, although slightly unfamiliar to the eye compared to the other
standard tags in the text. From the examples it seems to be an inline
a-tag, maybe with the underscore indicating that the contents is
translatable.  Are these generated by itstool? These seem to swallow the
containing text, for example "GNOME is proud to be a part of <_:a-1/>."
where <_:a-1/> contains "the GNU project" (based on ) which is separately in the string before.
My guess is that this will be quite error prone. Is there a way to get
the full a-tag inline in the containing paragraph?

 - Where/how can we contribute towards fixes of the source text? I
haven't really reviewed it, but found for example "maintanance" and
"resonsiblity" (instead of "maintenance"/"responsibility"). An image
title like "gnome-3.4-940x400" is not really that useful, I think :-)

Thanks again for the great work!

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