Translations for Banshee's stable branch


I started the preparation to release Banshee 2.4.1, which is part of
our stable-2.4 branch, and I realized we only had one translation
update on that branch.
Looking at, I saw the stable-2.4
branch was not there, which probably explains the lack of updates.

I've now created the branch in there, and I think we'll delay the
2.4.1 release for one week or so, to give some time to our great
translators to bring any relevant updates into the branch. If anyone
needs more time, please say so.

For the future, I'll make a note to create the stable-x.y branch on
"Damned Lies" after doing it in git.
Is that enough, or should I also send an e-mail to gnome-i18n gnome org ?
I've seen some automated e-mails like "[evince] Created branch
gnome-3-4", but I guess those are sent only for some modules, and/or
some specific branch names.

Thanks !

Bertrand Lorentz

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