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Le 24/05/2012 12:00, F Wolff a écrit :
Op Do, 2012-05-24 om 11:11 +0200 skryf Claude Paroz:

Thanks to the work done by Vinicius Depizzol on a plugin to make
wordpress content translatable, we should now be able to translate the Web site.

I will let Vinicius tell us the details about how it will work or how
often the translations will be updated.

This is wonderful news. Thanks Claude and Vinicius!

I had a very brief look at the files, and wow! what a lot of work!

I'm interested in looking at how to reduce this to a smaller subset that
covers the most important pages (let's say the front page and everything
one or two clicks away), and to make it easier to know where a string
comes from.


It is a great idea to try to reduce this HUGE amount of work
which is very discouraging. It is very easy to say that translator
teams are great but there are nevertheless volunteers and human.
(i mean that it is "easy" to make a whole website translatable by a computer
program but more time consuming to translate more than 70 000 words)

Would it be please possible to first clean up the web site by archiving old "News messages" (starting from 1999, 14 web pages) and "Press releases" (starting from 1999) which, in my opinion, are deprecate in foreign languages, and removes them from the po files
maybe by marking these pages as not translatable ?

Thank you for the effort!

French Team Coordinator

I have a few questions:

  - Is there a way to get more information into the #: lines? At the
moment everything is extracted from one of two files. Is it maybe
possible to get something in there that resembles the URL where the
string might appear? (*hoping*)

  - What does (terms/term) mean at the end of some of these lines? Some
of them look like HTML id attributes or similar (like "globalnav" for

  - With regards to the placeholders like<_:a-1/>   I guess it is a valid
XML tag, although slightly unfamiliar to the eye compared to the other
standard tags in the text. From the examples it seems to be an inline
a-tag, maybe with the underscore indicating that the contents is
translatable.  Are these generated by itstool? These seem to swallow the
containing text, for example "GNOME is proud to be a part of<_:a-1/>."
where<_:a-1/>  contains "the GNU project" (based on ) which is separately in the string before.
My guess is that this will be quite error prone. Is there a way to get
the full a-tag inline in the containing paragraph?

  - Where/how can we contribute towards fixes of the source text? I
haven't really reviewed it, but found for example "maintanance" and
"resonsiblity" (instead of "maintenance"/"responsibility"). An image
title like "gnome-3.4-940x400" is not really that useful, I think :-)

Thanks again for the great work!

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