Re: Units of measurement conflict

El 27/03/12 15:04, Andre Klapper escribió:
On Tue, 2012-03-27 at 14:57 -0300, Nicolás Satragno wrote:
Hello list,
There seems to be an issue regarding units of measurement in some
applications such as Nautilus. Please check this screenshot: (it's in Spanish, but that won't be a problem).
Although 1.0 MiB (Binary byte, 1.024 MB) is shown, the file is actually
1 MB (One decimal byte) long. This issue was introduced by the Spanish
team, which translated MB into MiB. They are aware of this issue. It
seems that some time ago, the developers were calling MB what we call
MiB, but not now anymore. I'd like to know if there is a standard
agreement of which measurement system should be used.
This way, we'll know if we should translate MB into MiB or MB.
This topic was covered by Ryan in :

"TL;DR: If you disagree with how something is written in the English
string, please file a bug against the relevant component.  Never use
translation as a way to 'fix' bugs or change something that you disagree

So please translate MB as MB and MiB as MiB.

I'm glad to say the Spanish team carried out the changes in the po files successfully.
Thanks for the tip.
Nicolás Satragno <nsatragno gmail com>

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