Confusion over epiphany new name


It seems that Epiphany, the browser, is gradually being renamed to
"Web". If I understand correctly, this is because a typical user has no
idea what "Epiphany" does. But for translators this is problematic.

1. When I go to "Web's" About page, I see pearls like "Web Website" and
"Copyright 2003-1012 The Web Developers". My language doesn't use
articles, so the translations would be equivalent to "Website of the
Web" and "Copyright 2003-1012 Web developers".

2. I think you don't have to hide program name here, otherwise a bug
report like "My web is broken" is both correct and confusing.

3. Some strings still include "Epiphany", and the GPL is half "Web",
half "GNOME Web browser". Is this intentional?

A similar thing was done with Nautilus, but it was renamed only in GNOME
shell menu. It has remained "Nautilus" in the About dialog and so on. I
think this is an OK compromise.

In any case, some consistency and clear expectations would be nice.
Consistent options would be:
a) replace the application name with the functional label ("Files",
"Documents", "Web") only in some predefined locations, and translate the
new label (this is what I would prefer);
b) replace and translate it everywhere (although we usually don't
translate application names);
c) replace it everywhere, but don't translate it (but then non-English
users don't benefit from the renaming);
d) replace it everywhere, but translate only "on the surface" (e.g., in
the menu, but not in the licence - a line would have to be drawn by
Rūdolfs Mazurs <rudolfs mazurs gmail com>

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