Re: 3.2 Release Notes Available for Translation

Hi Andre,

I think there is an error in a string. I've opened the following bug:

Could you please review/validate it?


2011/9/16 Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net>

the text and screenshots of the 3.2 release notes are now available for

Please let us know if you have any questions or spot any errors.

You can take a look at your translation under .
(Username is your favorite system in small caps and password is the
latest version to be released in two weeks.)

To save some time you can first push the old translation file from the
previous release (3.0) to the current branch (gnome-3-2).
will merge strings and make the result quickly available.
When pushing a new translation don't forget to also add it to the
DOC_LINGUAS list in release-notes' help/

GNOME 3.2.0 will be released on Wed, September 28th.

Happy translating,
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