Re: aisleriot 3.2 branch not on l10n.g.o

Le dimanche 18 septembre 2011 à 16:05 +0200, Christian Persch a écrit :
> Hi;
> Aisleriot has already branched for 3.2, and the branching automatically
> sent a note to gnome-i18n@g.o. However I noticed that
> still doesn't show that branch.
> Can this be fixed please?

Hi Christian,

That's because for modules not in core GNOME release sets, we usually
only track master, unless the maintainer explicitely tell us to also
track a stable branch. Nothing it automatic.

Now I see aisleriot is mentionned in the "meta-gnome-apps-tested" meta
module of jhbuild, which we generally use as a reference. So unless
someone opposes, I will re-add it to the main GNOME release set.

What would be a desktop environment without card games!!


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