Reduced po files on

Hi, this is me again :-)

If you read Friedel's blog post [1], you should know that we worked
recently on offering reduced po files on, so as strings
that users rarely see in UI may be skipped by some translation teams.

You will see several pages with new columns for the reduced version of
UI file statistics.
Currently, the only filtering is done on the "" presence
in the source of a string. Of course, we will concentrate on finer
filtering (even per-module) as soon as global stats and ui is stabilized
on the site.
I didn't triggered a complete regeneration of statistics, so the
filtering is currently only applied when there are string changes or if
I manually force a module to update. That's why the gain is not so
obvious currently.

On the Vertimus page, you may find two different files to translated,
only if you gain anything with a reduced po file.

Already translated strings or fuzzy strings are never stripped off the

You can choose to translate the complete file or the reduced one, as you

Report any bugs you find on Bugzilla and discuss here for design issues.




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