Re: GNOME Moduleset Reorganization vs. L10N

Hallo everyone

I think this thread is about reaching the length where we need to make
something happen, or nothing will come of it and we are all doomed to
repeat the whole thing the next time this issue arises. So lets try
and sum up:

The solution of having a translations only copy of a module in gnome
git, combined with some sort of automatic syncing back and forth,
seems to a good solution for the module maintainers that don't mind
having this sort of solution. In terms of translators this will mean
that they can work the way they do now, so this should automatically
be ok for translators*. Since it is almost an implementational
freebie, is should be ok to have this as the base solution, and then
after that determine if we want to add something else.

So at this point, can we agree that this can be ONE acceptable
solution? Then we could start working setting up the framework for it
and actually implement it for the modules that are ok with it.

Then we can afterwards continue discussing whether we should/need to
add an offer for a external translation framework that is also GNOME
approved (e.g. Transifex, Launchpad ,....).

Regards Kenneth

* Except from the ones that are very discontent with damned lies
functionality and want everything moved to another platform. But
please realise that that is a different discussion and should be taken
in a different thread.

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