GNOME Moduleset Reorganization vs. L10N


the release-team announced its proposal for a reorganisation of the
current modulesets.

As the release-team aims at a more decentralized approach for modules
that are not part of the GNOME core there are open questions with regard
to translation workflows.

It would be very welcome to have some discussion about the future role
of with regard to translatable modules NOT hosting code
on and/or prefering different infrastructure (e.g.
Transifex or Launchpad), and what this means for workflows of
translators and integration with

Anybody up? Worst case would be a decision without much/enough input
from L10N and bad blood afterwards, and that's something to avoid.

I guess it is prefered to respond to the thread on desktop-devel-list
mailing list and CC gnome-i18n@ to not have two separate threads on the
same topic and to create better understanding/awareness on both sides
(developers and translators) for issues.

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