Re: New module proposal: Clutter core


> I'm pretty sure the GNOME infrastructure could do the same thing: get
> the POT file from (it's generated by gettext and
> stored in the repository anyway); send me an email with the PO file once
> the coordinator has reviewed the contribution. I could even allow commit
> access to a branch, or a user repository that I can pull from.

That would work (in might be a good idea to implement for git
repositories in general). We didn't manage to commit to GNOME git yet
though and I doubt it would be easier on other repositories. It's
something that could be considered in long-term, also for some
freedesktop modules.

> alternatively, GNOME could have a private Clutter core repository for
> i18n purposes alone - after all, we're using Git.

We do that for some other modules and it works OK.

Note: As stated before I am not so much concerned about clutter itself
but about our general policy on handling external repositories. For git
it might kind of work but for other things like launchpad it could
become worse.


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