Re: GCompris needs a translation update

On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 9:51 AM, Matej Urban <matej urban gmail com> wrote:
> Well, we don't care much, the master branch is unmaintained and
> hopefully nobody uses it.

I understand this developers perspecitve. But I read your statement
as: "Well, we don't care much *about the quality of the translations*,
the master branch is unmaintained and *if somebody uses it, eeee, why
do we bother translating anyway?*.
I also read: "If translators want some order in the project, they
should get one of those boring paper-sorting jobs".
I also hear: "Anyway, be glad that we let you use it."

Is really so hard to "rename" master to old_master and then "rename"
gcomvcyvycprxsyvcyvcydsfdaso to master?

I would say the concern is something like this,

Bruno mentioned that he does not oppose to the switch (I am rephrasing).

Therefore, assuming that indeed people would need to clone again the gcompris repository
(who can verify this? Matej, Александър?), there should be an announcement
for those with gcompris clones to clone again after a specific cutoff date.


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