Re: Should we really translate legal notices?

Yes, we'll reduce every module for about 4 strings in size + get higher
quality of About dialogs translation since we can make sure it's
consistent between different applications.

On Tue, 2010-05-18 at 12:40 +0200, Fran Dieguez wrote:
> O Mar, 18-05-2010 ás 13:13 +0300, Ihar Hrachyshka escribiu:
> > Hi all!
> > 
> > I have a technical question: is it possible to make all GNOME modules to
> > use uniform legal notice message strings located somewhere in common
> > library (gtk? libgnome?)
> Oh! This could be very useful, at Galician translations we translate the
> legal notices and there just a few differences between legal notices
> (app name, and maybe version).

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