Re: Should we really translate legal notices?

Op dinsdag 18-05-2010 om 13:13 uur [tijdzone +0300], schreef Ihar
> I have a technical question: is it possible to make all GNOME modules to
> use uniform legal notice message strings located somewhere in common
> library (gtk? libgnome?)
> I mean those messages found in About dialog. They are quite pretty the
> same (just subtitute program name with %s) and it will reduce module
> catalogs a little. It will also give us a single way to update all these
> messages at once. F.e. we had situation in the past when FSF address was
> changed, and we needed every module maintainer to update the info in his
> own space rather than update it in single common place.
> Is there a chance to see it sometime in the future?


I think this bug is relevant:

    — Wouter

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