Re: String freeze break request for Vinagre 2.30

Hi Jonh, Johannes,

I'm replying to both messages at once.

Am Donnerstag, den 17.06.2010, 12:20 +0000 schrieb jhs jsschmid de:
> > Hi, Woulter, thanks for your improvements.

No problem; you're welcome!

(Oh, and my name is Wouter.)

> > Regarding to the first sentence, indeed it's more correct and
> > instructive but as it appears in a tooltip, if the string is too long it
> > will break in two lines. Do you have a shorter phrase?

I don't think shorter phrases communicate the meaning well in this case.
Since this is about a specific syntax, exact phrasing is important.

> Just a note: Is there a problem with multi-line tooltips? I don't think
> so. And you cannot estimate how long a sentence will be in a foreign
> language and as such just don't make assumptions on this in the UI.

Agreed. Furthermore, clearer wording and hence an improved user
interface is always more important than space considerations, especially
given the unknown length of translations.

    — Wouter

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