Re: String freeze break request for Vinagre 2.30

Em Qui, 2010-06-17 às 12:20 +0000, jhs jsschmid de escreveu:
> Hi!
> > Hi, Woulter, thanks for your improvements.
> > Regarding to the first sentence, indeed it's more correct and
> > instructive but as it appears in a tooltip, if the string is too long it
> > will break in two lines. Do you have a shorter phrase?
> Just a note: Is there a problem with multi-line tooltips? I don't think
> so. And you cannot estimate how long a sentence will be in a foreign
> language and as such just don't make assumptions on this in the UI.
> Regards,
> Johannes

Hi, Johannes.

No, there's no problem with multi-line tooltips. Actually those 2 new
strings belong to the same tooltip, they're separated by a new line.

The whole tooltip is made of three phrases, each one in one line. So, if
string #2 is too big to fit in one line, the tooltip will have 4 lines.

Here is the screenshot:

Jonh Wendell

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