Re: Question about generating pot file.

(07/13/10 12:36), Tao Wang-san wrote:

Before making a decision of hosting a project to
<>, I would like to know how well
<> supporting the generation of .pot for translation. I
was told that <> cannot handle the
input strings from .c, .scm, .glade, and

I think .c, .glade and can be detected by intltool.
Unfortunately it seems .scm files are not detected.

% cd package/po
% echo >
% intltool-update -m

So you might need to add .scm files in by manual at the moment.
I could not find .scm files except for games(gnome-games).

The translatable strings can be extracted in your .c, .scm, .glade, and .

% cd package/po
% intltool-update -p


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