New coordinator for Romanian translation

Hi all,

As of today, the Romanian GNOME translation team has a new coordinator: 
Adrian Roiban. He has done a wonderful job for the last two GNOME 
releases, bringing Romanian back to "supported" status. And now, we 
already have reached +90% for the current development series and the 
string freeze has not quite started yet... :)

He already has commiting rights so it is just a matter of changing 
ownership of the Romanian sections in Vertimus and Bugzilla. Thank you!

As for myself, I am stepping down, but I'm not leaving. I intend to 
stick around for the time being, but I'll probably be less active than 
I used to be. I still very much enjoy localizing software to Romanian, 
but priorities have drastically changed for me during the last years 
and I'm not sure if there will be much free time left for this hobby
in my near future.

Warm regards,


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