Re: git hurdle with translation submission!

> I don't know if submission (git push) is possible right now via
> damned-lies, there is/was a plan to do that, maybe people working on
> vertimus/damned-lies will tell you better (I know there was a pending
> git account creation problem).

Following the last sysadmin-team meeting, it has been agreed upon that a
git account will be created for
For security's sake, the condition is that a git hook has to be created
to check that submitted files are valid po files. CC'd our beloved
sysadmin designated to write the hook :-)

I uploaded a file (  and got the hook (because of a mistake in the file), so the validity was checked.

But I do not think the push has been made. Is that correct?

How should we proceed then? Can I just upload files and wait until they become pushed someday or should I wait until gets the power to push?


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