Re: how to form a team to transtle my language KANURI

Op Sa, 2009-06-13 om 14:33 +0000 skryf ibrahimwaziri mohammed:
> Dear sir/Madam
> Please is any body working on my language(KANURI)? if not, i will
> like to start now, so i will be happy if there is any body that is
> willing to join my effort.
> I will be very greatful if my request is consider. Thanks.
> Yours Truely
> Ibrahim Waziri Mohammed

Hallo and welcome

I hope you enjoy your time with the GNOME translation project. The pages
that Christian pointed you to contains the instructions on how to get
started. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

I am part of a group of people working on localisation for African
languages, so I will be happy to see another language added to GNOME.

I looked a bit for information on your language, and found the following
that is hopefully useful:

ISO language code: kr

The locale can be a bit tricky, but I can put you into contact with
Martin Benjamin who is helping several languages to create their locale
files. As a bonus, the project creates locale files for glibc (which you
need for GNOME) as well as and CLDR. More information is
available here:

I can introduce you to Martin directly if you want.

I see that an orthography file for fontconfig is already in the
Freedesktop bugzilla:

Hopefully that means you don't need to worry about it. You might just
want to offer your help to review it if you think it is necessary.

Keep well

African Network for Localisation:

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