Re: esperanta tradukado

On 6/13/09, Jacob Nordfalk <jacob nordfalk gmail com> wrote:
> Kim: Vi povas uzi i.a. por traduki viajn leterojn de
> Esperanto al la angla. La rezulto ne estas perfekta, sed la sencon oni
> komprenas.
> (translation from Kim: you can use i.a. http:
> //traduku. net/ in order to translate your letters of Esperanto to English.
> The result is not perfect, but the sense one understands  )
> As I said I'd like to help Kim (and I've also done an Esperanto translation
> of GCompris which I would like to include -
>  So I propose that Kim and I become co-coordinators,

We can have only one coordinator. Who should it be?

> that is, we both get
> SVN access to the repository

We now use GIT instead of SVN.

> and access to update the Esperanto team
> members. If there can be only one owner of

We do not use Launchpad. Whatever you see on Launchpad is not supported by us.
We use ( and GIT.

> then please let me be
> the owner, and later we can transfer the ownership to Kim when evrything is
> in place.
> My ID is:
> My Bugzilla ID is: jacob nordfalk gmail com

Should I take it that you still want to be the official coordinator of
Esperanto in GNOME (


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