Re: Bugs in translations in native language?

Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de>, Fri, 05 Jun 2009 18:47:09 +0200:

> Hi!
> > In the end, there's usually a lack of people willing to report bugs,
> > that applies to most of languages I think, so providing easier facility
> > to report than is the way to go.
> I think this is a wrong approach. Bugzilla should be as user-friendly as
> possible to reporters as to developers. I think the simple bug form is
> quite ok, so the design could of course be better (lack of manpower
> here...).

For many people who are willing to "just report a translation bug", and
nothing more, Bugzilla might be too complex, unnecessarily complicated.
Generally, Bugzilla is way better suited for reporting bugs in code than in
l10n. And then there's the language thing.

> It's usually best when people report bugs in Englisch but if they can't
> it's better that they report in their native language. Actually it would
> be good to translate the bugzilla interface as well.

Frankly, I think it'd be "necessary", not just "good" to localize the
interface for a particular group of users to be able to use it (the
question would be then whether it's even possible), because the thing is how
can potential reporters with no or very poor knowledge of English report
bugs in an English speaking interface... ? On the other hand, a localized
interface might trigger reporting all bugs (or large number of them) in
native languages, and developers surely don't want this to happen.

> Of course it would be a pain if a large number of people reported not in
> englisch but for the few bugs I encountered this for now there were
> always some helpful people who translated the reports.

The current state means that it's working (so so), but then again, I was
talking about, in my opinion, better ways to manage l10n bugs reporting.

Petr Kovar

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