Re: Bug 569118 - Use C_() instead of Q_() with context (orca)

Leonardo F. Fontenelle wrote:
Em Ter, 2009-01-27 às 14:09 -0500, Willie Walker escreveu:
In the past, I was slapped seriously by the l10n team for touching *.po files. So, I'm requesting permission here before I check in the *.po changes. Is this OK with you all?

This might be more to the point:

for file in po/*.po; do
	sed -i "s+msgid \"\([^|]*\)|+msgctxt \"\1\"\nmsgid \"+" $file

BTW, just a quick comment that this doesn't catch mistakes where the translator translated the entire Q_ string rather than translating just the stuff after the "|". Orca's ar.po file, for example, appears to have several cases of this. The second "sed" at fixes those.

Note that the scripts are also making an assumption that the "|" character only shows up in strings for the purposes of the Q_ form. So, if someone has put the "|" character in something other than the Q_ form, the scripts will catch those and split them. As a result, one should carefully examine the files to make sure the expected changes have been made.


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