Re: Using Git and separating translations into their own l10n-LL repository


Actually a lot has changed:

- for advanced-translators the same workflow will be maintained.
- for plain translators a web interface to commit languages will be

So I think you fall in the second option and thus you will need to have
access to to download updated po files (like you
can do right know), track its status (like as of January you can do
right now) and commit them in source repositories (like you will be able
to do in a not-so-distant-future, Claude said it has a beta working
version that does this, I'm right Claude?)

So, all in all, your workflow will be a lot improved since you will only
have to download and upload files from/to :)

Hope I haven't said any lie!


El dl 19 de 01 de 2009 a les 13:38 +0100, en/na Matej Urban va escriure:
> Hello,
> I'm really trying to understand the changes. The title sais:
> Using Git and separating translations into their own l10n-LL repository
> The title implies that ALL and ONLY po files from ALL the languages UI
> and HELP will fall into "l10n-LL" repository, but that will not be the
> case, as I understand. I really don't know why this is so unpopular
> among developers.
> I posted a bug and
> also a reminder that I don't fill-in the changelog entries. I can not
> find those great "scripts" in the gnome archive, that will do all the
> work in my place, nor can I write one, so doing it step by step is the
> only way I know. It takes TOO much time, TOO much bandwidth and TOO
> much space to maintain the language. Putting/linking/sync all po files
> in one single dir solves many problems for coords like myself.
> Please, guys, check again if there is a way to do that. Last
> coordinator dropped out of the translation game because this updating
> took too much of everything, especially his time.
> Matej
gil forcada

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