Re: Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo (yo, ha, ig) po files

CC'ing kde-i18n-doc@ and GNOME's legal-list  
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Start of this thread:


This is about .
These are .po files extracted from a Nigerian distro called "Wazobia
Several KDE and GNOME applications were translated into the three
languages in the subject line, a user has found a disk image, extracted
the .mo files, decompiled them to .po and sent them to Thomas Thurman.

Note that the .po files are three or four years old.
(The GNOME .po files available are epiphany, evolution, gnome-desktop,
gnome-menus, gnome-panel, gnome-session, metacity, nautilus.)

There are also lots of KDE files, hence CC'ing kde-i18n-doc@ in case
they are a) interested and b) might provide legal input too.


Nobody succeeded in contacting Wazobia Linux, or the translators
themselves. Messages bounce.

So to me it boils down to the question: "Can we just take the .po files
without asking anybody?" and (like Johannes wrote earlier) "if a
translation can be considered a derived work."

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