Languages "nds NFE" and "Low Saxon, Germany" can be deleted

I have seen, that the language "Low Saxon, Germany" and "Low German" referr to the same language index. (namely
Also the language "nds NFE" is in a 0% state, because it referrs to the same real language. That means, that there are currently 3 "languages" available here:, which all referr to the same language in real life.
Currently I am working on the translation for "Low German".
So I would commend:

1. Delete the entry "nds NFE" completely from the list here:
2. Delete the entry "Low Saxon, Germany" from the list here: for the benefit of the entry "Low German" someone is really working on (namely me)
3. Save the entry "Low German", which actually is in translating process

Kind regards,
Nils-Christoph Fiedler

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