Re: [Release notes] Please add some words for Pashto team

Le samedi 20 septembre 2008 à 02:16 +0800, Davyd Madeley a écrit :
> Hey All,
> This email has reminded me: can someone from the i18n teams please
> take care of updating the i18n section of the release notes?

I've revised the page and I'm ready to commit an update. 
I'm pleased to be able to add Hebrew as a new supported language, and
Albanian again.
Unfortunately, I had to remove Latvian and Nepali :-(

> Murray also suggested that a placeholder paragraph be inserted for
> translators to be able to insert a translation credit. Does someone
> know how to do this?

Sorry, no time to look after this, and don't sure if it'd really be

> I think I'm mostly done with the text (although I might add a
> section or too). If you want to make a start on the translations, it
> should be ok.
> I still need some help collecting a few screenshots, volunteers
> appreciated (grep for SCREENSHOT) also there are a few FIXMEs that
> should be looked at (grep for FIXME).
> --d
> ----- Forwarded message from Robert-Andr?? Mauchin <zebob m pengzone org> -----
> Hi Davyd,
> I wonder if you could add few words to congrats Pashto translation team. 
> Although this language is not yet supported by GNOME, Pashto team have 
> made a unbelievable progression, from 3% UI translated in 2.22 to 23% in 
> 2.24 [1].
> This is really exceptional and should be "awarded".

Right, and I detected six teams raising their translation status more
than 10%:
- Kannada (+24%), Maithili (+21%), Marathi (+20%), Pashto (+19%),
Croatian (+13%) and Tamil (+12%). Kudos to these teams !

I'd like to add the following paragraph in the release notes:

"This release have seen special effort from following teams who raised
more than 10% the number of translations for their language: Kannada,
Maithili, Marathi, Pashto, Croatian and Tamil."

Is it OK? Did I miss something?


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