Re: wrong translations of string "Rule" in gtkhtml

Em Qua, 2008-09-10 às 10:13 +0300, Александър Шопов escreveu:
> > Again, I don't understand why there hasn't been already a bug report
> > about this.
> Because it is a hassle to bother to file a bug report?

I agree it's a hassle to file a bug report, specially when you have to
stop your "batch mode" (to quote Knuth[1]). And I agree these bug
reports are very important for us to translate correctly.

Even worse: it seems that providing a patch makes a lot of difference in
having the bug fixed. Those issues should be trivial to fix for
developers and yet very important for translators, but sometimes were
are left without a reply for months (or years). Providing a patch means
that a translator must learn SVN, check out the source code, and
actually read and try to understand it. Does anyone here think it is
reasonable to expect this from a translator?


Leonardo Fontenelle

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