Re: program ignore some translation strings

kessel systemausfall org írta:
>> Not,, notice the difference. And the
>> string is "_Open...", the underscore is important.
> Sorry, was my fault. I added the string with the underscore. I also
> added the string to because there was still a correct
> translation in the amharic But nothing changed. Is it
> possible, that the problem is in the sourcecode of epiphany?

I don't think so, this particular string appears translated for me.
Reading through the thread, my bet is that you forgot to remove the
fuzzy marking of the string. Does msgunfmt | grep -C2 _Open
show the missing string, like this:

$msgunfmt /usr/share/locale-langpack/hu/LC_MESSAGES/ | grep
-C2 _Open
msgid "_Open Link"
msgstr "Hi_vatkozás megnyitása"

msgid "_Open…"
msgstr "_Megnyitás…"

Gabor Kelemen

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