Re: esperanto translate of Gnome

Le lundi 17 novembre 2008 à 09:17 +0100, Guillaume Savaton a écrit :
> Hi,
> >>  I received message from Guillaume (he translates Gnome to esperanto) and
> >> want help, but I only read well the english (to write I have dificults).
> >>  If my contribution can be positive, tell me what may I do.
> >
> > Welcome! Please contact Guillame directly if you want to know what
> > needs to be done for Esperanto in GNOME.
> I am the official coordinator of the GNOME Esperanto translation team.
> The team has not been very active over the last few years and needs to
> take a fresh restart.
> Unfortunately, my involvement in various projects leaves me very
> little time to manage the translation team, so I think a new
> coordinator is needed.
> Kim Ribeiro has accepted to become the new official coordinator.
> Can you, please, update the contact page of the GNOME Translation Project?

We'll do, but we still need Kim's Bugzilla account.


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