Re: GNOME i18n google search

Le vendredi 23 mai 2008 à 12:44 +0530, Ani Peter a écrit :
> Hi,
> Doing a google search for GNOME i18n gives this result: 
> The first link from the search result points to 
> which has 
> as the page for "current 
> support for your language".
> I understand this is an old page and things have been moved to 
> But I guess, these old pages have to be removed to avoid 
> confusions for users and contributors regarding the status and 
> information about their languages.
> Appreciate if some one could do the needful. Also, please correct me if 
> I am wrong in any of my points.

Thanks for pointing this. But there is already a bug report about this
problem. Please comment there:


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