Re: problem with translating totem


This is not your fault, the problem was in the source code and was fixed in

Use totem 2.22, and you will see the messages translated.

Gabor Kelemen

Mohammad Foroughi írta:

 I translated totem to persian (to tell you the truth, I completed it's
translation), but I am unable to translate a string: '_Skip to...'

 Here is a picture of it's ui:

 In the file nautilus.HEAD.fa.po, I found an entry:

#: ../src/plugins/skipto/totem-skipto-plugin.c:216
msgid "_Skip to..."
msgstr "_پرش به..."

But it seems to be incorrect!

There was a similar problem with 'Play / Pa_use' string. I downloaded
totem source code and saw that line number was incorrect, correcting
that solved the problem.

But with totem, correctign line number did not solve my problem.

is the line '#: ../src/plugins/skipto/totem-skipto-plugin.c:216'

Please help,

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