Re: Request for resolving situation(kn_IN)

Op Donderdag 2008-03-13 skryf Vikram Vincent:
> On 13/03/2008, Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> wrote:
>         On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 13:08 +0100, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>         > Given Vikram's prompt reply, I
>         > don't see any of those problems with your team.
> As you mentioned, a coordinator is one who coordinates. 
> I am involving educational institutions to get the localisation work
> done and coordinating with them. And Shankar works offline. So how is
> Pramod coordinating?
> -- 
> Vikram Vincent

Hallo Vincent, Pramod

I'm trying to read carefully what both of you are writing. I think we
are talking about two different types of coordination. Pramod has
volunteered to be the contact person for kn inside the GNOME project,
and is still willing to do that. All teams here at GNOME have a person
who is a contact person. Perhaps active, perhaps only reviewing, perhaps
committing, perhaps more of a social leader, whatever the case may be.

All indications are that Pramod is still willing and able to continue to
do that, and contributors to kn translations can send their files to
him/Shankar and they can get committed (or as has been pointed out,
eventually you might be able to commit directly).

I am sure Vincent's coordination work across projects and between
institutions are valuable, and we have had conversations about your
exciting ideals for localisation - all very good. This is of course a
different type of coordination. As an outsider it seems very reasonable
to ask of Vincent to contribute within the provided framework of the
existing coordinator while it seems that Pramod is willing and able to
continue. While your team seems to be divided in terms of the preferred
tools, it simply means that you need to find a means of work allocation
and coordination with the GNOME project. I'm sure that if your online
tools/methods/workflow is far better, offline translators might even
move to doing their work online. In my experience, however, people
prefer different methods, and don't necessarily want to change (just as
it seems Vincent likes Entrans and would prefer to continue using it -
which is perfectly fine).

However, to translate on your own without indicating the work to the
coordinator is likely to cause duplicated work. Pramod, as coordinator
of an expanding team, it will become more important for you to be able
to respond to requests in good time. If you find in the future that your
time for this role is not enough, you will need to reform the workflow
or be gracious enough to step down if your personal circumstances don't
allow for you to continue. 

Kannada localisation is far too important for us to deadlock on this
issue. I'm sure that we all would like to see all interested individuals
contribute to Kannada localisation.

Kind regards

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